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Liberal Message Machines

Posted in Observations, Strategy by Captain Optimistic on December 28, 2009

A thought from thereisnospoon @ DailyKos:

Money, time, and credibility are all necessary components of this strategy, and there is no immediately obvious pathway to any of these.

Allow me to offer a hopeful observation.  First, let me say that thereisnospoon’s post is one of the most exciting and important things I’ve read in quite a while about modern liberal politics.  Go. Read. Now. Now onto the observation:

  • Money – We’ve built incredibly effective fundraising machines over the past 3 election cycles.  Starting with Howard Dean’s run in 2004, we’ve shown that we can raise serious cash when needed.  Why not employ this method to create a liberal think tank?  A liberal PR firm?
  • Time – Time will strengthen anything we create, but we need not wait to see results.  Additionally, one might consider the rise of liberal bloggers and the netroots as the beginning.  We are already heading into battle with some benefits of well invested time on our side.
  • Credibility – From whom?  The same people we are struggling against?  They will never give it.  Ourselves?  We already have it.  The general public?  Do you think the general public cares about who the Heritage Foundation is?  Its sounds impressive and they have experts say shiny things.  And for some that is enough, and others are skeptical.  We’ll see much the same mix.  The only way to be a novel kind of credibility, one based on results, is to get a real progressive majority.  Credibility of that sort is only attainable on the national level if we first win!  On the local level, we already have results to point to.  What we need is a way to publicize those positive results (AKA a liberal PR firm).

And in fact thereisnospoon goes on to note we do have the financial muscle to pull this off.  We also have a sick advantage when it comes to talent.  We combine those two with the sharp focus of corporate America and we win.  Let’s do it.  Let’s follow thereisnospoon’s rallying cry to make the politicians fear our power.  Let’s rise up and outmaneuver the regressives!


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