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Obama’s Nobel Prize

Posted in Observations by Captain Optimistic on December 10, 2009

Despite his speech, I feel the prize was inappropriate, to say the least.

Linda Feldman leads off the media reaction with a misleadingly headlined story: Left and Right, Pundits Applaud Obama Nobel Peace Prize Speech.  From her own article:

Progressives upset by Obama’s decision to escalate US involvement in Afghanistan may not have given the president the A grades that some conservatives and others offered. But at the, a reliable gauge of liberal thought, the reaction was not wholly negative — a sign, perhaps, that Obama still enjoys a reserve of goodwill among his base.

In what crazy world does “not wholly negative” equal “applause”?

It seems like conservatives like his acknowledgement of evil and the utility of killing people.  Liberals like that he sees the goal of not killing people as desirable.  Golly, sounds like he hit a home run.