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Things You Are Missing: Gigante Art

Posted in Art by Captain Optimistic on December 29, 2009

This woman inspires me to become a weirder person and a better artist.  Her sublime works merit far more views than youtube currently reports.

For example, there are her cooking videos.  Murakami Sandwich now is brilliant (and easy to make, delicious to eat):

Her dramatic spots are oddly compelling (My Dinner Gigante):

And of course there is Prairie Dog Challenged:

Be wary though.  Some of her work creeps me the eff out (Teddy Bear Picnic):

You’ve been warned.  Now go watch.

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Things You Are Missing: Movie Mash!

Posted in Art by Captain Optimistic on December 29, 2009

Are you reading Movie Masher?  The answer is no, he gets no page views EVER.  Which is highly toxic to your art devouring needs.  Oh sure, there’s the polished hatred of Pajiba (their live reviews of straight to dvd releases are nourishing in a deep and secret place).  But the Masher of Movies has some epic up his sleeves coupled with the same sharpness of wit and observational acumen one might expect from a movie review website with readers.  (Hahaha OUCH).

Anyway, his review of Avatar provides a grand jumping in point.  Its more than just dances with smurfs.  But it offers a chance to note this about our current culture:

The same storytelling plots and archetypes have been used and expanded upon for thousands of years. But does it matter that every story has been told or written if the current generation has never bothered to hear or read them?

With that all the bellyaching about our “childhood icons” like transformers and my little pony being made into feature films crumble into dust.  (Why yes there are My Little Pony movies (that’s PLURAL bitches).  The latest is called Twinkle Wish Adventure.  Try peppering that into a first date conversation.  “Oh yeah, my favorite movies?  Amelie, Trainspotting, Evil Dead 2, Twinkle Wish Adventure, you?”).  As if anyone has the cultural awareness to delve that far into the past, nevermind into truly classic literature.  Like, AS IF.

James Cameron does not seem to have anything intentionally sophisticated to say. Most of Cameron’s directorial work amounts to family action-adventure, with 1-D caricature villains and cutting-edge high-budget visual effects. It worked best in Aliens, but became more obvious with each subsequent outing that he was the poor man’s Ridley Scott.

Hilarious, spot on, though I do have reservations about considering Aliens a family action-adventure.  Its more of a family dramedy.

Real-life 1-D people may find the movie and characters offensive (and so they are, if perceived as a literal reflection of real 3-D modern society)

If only Mr Masher, if only.  They enjoyed it!

Traditional science fiction, as I’ve said before, seems almost obsolete

That’s because traditional science fiction is crap.  How many times can we see the same message before it gets a bit odd?  (Though one might think of Avatar’s message as being radically in favor of social networking and file sharing so long as its done through nerve endings exposed in your hair-stalk).

Here Avatar’s social commentaries are so overt and blatant they honestly can do no more than charm the reasonably mature viewer.

In isolaton, yes.  But the whole package is exciting enough that even blatant commentary goes down smoothly.  As we acclimate to ever more expressive and impressive technology in entertainment, it will require more to get us to accept less.

For me it wasn’t so much how overt Avatar was, as how clumsily overt.  I’d say more but, you know, SPOILERS.

Anyway, do go have a read over at Movie Masher.

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