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Miffed and Muffled

Posted in Musings, Observations by Captain Optimistic on November 16, 2009

Do you feel this way too?  Hey maybe together we can be SUPER EFFECTIVE in our efforts to change the world for the better.

Despite myself I do think this is possible, but that’s not why I started this blog.  This will be an outlet.  A way to let all my crazy and brilliant fly out into the world TO FEED.

The essential act of the citizen is speech.  We must make a royal ruckus even if the shining knights we send to conquer our oppressors really are crypto-royalists in activists clothing.  So while we are all in varying degrees a muffled people, we still have our tongues in our heads, our heads on our shoulders and our hearts in our chests.  There is every reason to be the compassionate brilliant and brave people we truly are.

Thus I am a sarcastic pessimist when looking at our chances, but I truly am an optimist when it comes time to choose who and how to be.  I expect both sides will make their way into this blog.  The intent is to offer a mix of strategy, analysis, observations and musings.  In the humble tradition of writers great and small I offer the works within this blog in the hopes some may find it useful.

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